Al'pinist-2 1964
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The Climber-2 class 4 portable transistor radio receiver has been manufactured by the Voronezh Radio Plant since 1964. The receiver became the second in the line of radio climbers "Mountaineer". According to the scheme and design, in addition to the vernier device, the Alpinist-2 radio receiver coincides with the Alpinist radio receiver. The difference between the model is only in the design of the case, where for the first time and only in this model the carrying handle is one with the case. `` Climber-2 '' began to be released a few months after the launch of the 1st model. Both radios were produced together, which was done to increase the variety of models produced by the Voronezh Radio Plant. Climber-2 was produced until the end of 1971, and only at the Voronezh Radio Plant. The radio receiver is designed to receive broadcasting stations operating in the DV and CB bands. Sensitivity when receiving an internal magnetic antenna in the ranges: LW 2.5 mV / m, CB 1.5 mV / m. Selectivity 26 dB. The attenuation of the mirror channel is 30 dB in the DW range and 26 dB in the CB range. Rated output power 150 mW, maximum 270 mW. The range of reproduced sound frequencies is 300 ... 3500 Hz. Powered by two KBS-L-0.5 batteries connected in series. Quiescent current 8 mA. The dimensions of the receiver are 215x145x60 mm. Weight 1.5 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko