Olimp-400R 1994
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Since 1994, the reel-to-reel tape-recorder "Olympus A-400" has been producing the Kirov Electric Machine-Building Software. Lepse. Professional 4-channel MP is designed for high-quality recording of phonograms in radio and television studios, theaters, cultural centers, and recording studios. With it, you can record information in research institutions. MP allows you to record on four channels on a standard magnetic tape width of 6.3 mm. MP has electronic control of operating modes, direct drive, quartz stabilization of tape speed, indication of operating modes, recording and playback levels for each channel, editing mode, the ability to connect a wireless remote control system, electronic tape consumption meter, autostop, etc. ribbons 38.1 cm / s; average deviation from the nominal speed ± 0.5%; weighted detonation value not more than ± 0.06%; effective frequency range - 31.5 ... 22.000 Hz; full weighted signal-to-noise ratio no worse than 62 dB; record erase level is not worse than 70 dB; the coefficient of the third harmonic at a frequency of 1000 Hz - 1.2%; power consumed from the network no more than 120 W; dimensions of the device 470x480x220 mm; weight 28 kg On the basis of the model, the Olimp-400R registration device was also released. It differs in 2 speeds and some changes in the design and layout, they can be viewed from the 4th photo.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko