Okean-209 1976
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The portable radio "Ocean-209" from 1976 produced the Minsk PTO "Horizon". Since November 1976, on the conveyors of the assembly shop PTO "Horizon", in Minsk began mass production of the radio receiver "Ocean-209". For appearance, and high quality of work, the receiver was immediately awarded the State Quality Mark. The portable transistor radio receiver of the 2nd class "Ocean-209" (ASPP-2-2) was created on the basis of the model "Ocean-205" and differs from it in improved parameters and appearance that meets higher aesthetic requirements. The receiver has a number of original circuit solutions, in particular, a method for switching the paths of AM, FM signals in UPCH. The receiver operates in the ranges of DV, ST, HF (5 subranges) and VHF. In the range of VHF frequency adjustment is automatic. The receiver has separate tone controls for high and low frequencies, dial gauge, scale backlight. Its sensitivity when working with a magnetic antenna in the ranges: DV - 1 mV / m, SV - 0.7 mV / m, when working with a telescopic antenna in the ranges: KBI-IV - 150 µV / m, KB - V - 250 µV / m, in the range of VHF - 35 µV / m. The band of operating frequencies in the ranges of DV, SV, KB - 125 ... 4000 Hz, VHF - 125 ... 10000 Hz. The rated output power at the 1GD-48 head is 0.5W. Food from a network of 127 or 220 V, or 6 elements 373. The sizes of the receiver are 365х259х125 mm. Weight 4.6 kg. Price 135 rubles. The receiver was produced until 1984, its scheme was corrected several times, transistors KT-815 were installed in UZCH, instead of P-213, other transistors were also installed in UPCH.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko