Dombaj-203-1 1987
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Portable radio "Dombai-303" since 1982 produced the Circassian radio plant "Flight". The radio receiver was manufactured on the basis of the Russia-303 model. The first receivers did not differ from the base, then their design was changed and a more modern element base was applied. The receiver is designed to receive radio stations in the long, medium and two sub-bands of short waves. There is a step control of the timbre, precise frequency control in the HF subbands. The receiver works on the 0.5GD-30 loudspeaker, and is powered by 4 A-316 elements. The real sensitivity with a magnetic antenna in the DV ranges is 2.1 mV / m, the SV is 1.2 mVm, the HF sub-bands with a telescopic antenna are 450 μV. The adjacent channel selectivity is 36 dB. Rated output power 0.2 watts. Frequency range 250 ... 3550 Hz. Dimensions of the receiver 215x195x65 mm. Weight 1.5 kg. Since 1985, the plant produced the receiver "Dombai-303-1". Since 1986, the plant produced the receiver "Dombai-203", and since 1987, "Dombai-203-1". New models did not differ from each other in design and pattern, but the design was very different, including in the color scheme. From mid-1987 in the name of the receiver "Dombai-203-1" added two letters RP, "Dombai RP-203-1", which was associated with the new GOST.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko