El'fa-201-1-stereo 1982
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Since the first quarter of 1982, the Elf-201-1-stereo tape recorder was produced by the Vilnius Electrotechnical Plant Elfa. Household fixed coil stereo tape recorder-prefix II complexity "Elf-201-1-stereo" is designed to record monophonic and stereophonic soundtracks, as well as their playback through external amplification switching devices and stereo phones. It provides: Ability to work one channel to record, and the second to play. Separate adjustment of the recording level in each channel. Possibility of remote control of the mode "Start" and "Stop". The ability to temporarily stop the tape. Three-decade meter for monitoring tape consumption and searching records. Automatic stop LPM in the presence of metallized leader tape. Separate volume control channels on stereo phones. The possibility of reverse channels. Visual control of the recording level (adjustable) and playback. The speed of the ribbon pulling is 9.53 and 19.05 cm / s. The detonation coefficient is 0.2 and 0.14%, respectively. The operating frequency range at the output of the phones is 31.5 ... 14000 and 31.5 ... 20000 Hz. Number of tracks 4. Power consumption 45 watts. Dimensions 478x310x160 mm. Weight 13 kg.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko