Don (Diktofon) 1969
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Cabinet recorder "Don" since 1969 produced the Rostov plant "Instrument". The cabinet recorder Don is designed for two-track recording of speech from a microphone reproducing device (MIC), a telephone line or a pickup. Listening to the recordings can be made through the MVU or headphones in stationary conditions and through an amplifier with a linear output. Voice recorder "Don" is made in a plastic case and consists of a CVL; universal recording and playback amplifier with bias and erase generators; circuits for engine control and power supply. To facilitate information processing, the recorder allows you to repeat phrases and reduce the speed of the tape by 15% during playback. There is a remote control recorder with MVU, foot pedal or a special remote control. The speed of the magnetic tape 4.76 cm / sec. The recording time when using coils containing 80 meters of magnetic tape type 6 is 28 minutes. Operating frequency range 300 ... 4500 Hz, rated output power 0.12 watts. THD 7%. The detonation coefficient of 1.5%. The relative noise level is -40 dB. The dimensions of the recorder are 306x198x97 mm, its weight is 4.5 kg. To increase the range of products, the Rostov Plant Pribor in 1971 began production of the Tanais recorder, a complete copy of the Don recorder.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko