Ural-320 1983
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The stationary transistor radio "Ural-320" since 1983 produced the Sarapulsky plant named after Ordzhonikidze. The radio receiver is designed for reception in the ranges of LW, MW, HF (3 sub-bands) and VHF. It has an AFC in the VHF band, separate tone control on the LF and HF, an internal magnetic antenna for receiving in the DV and SV bands. The real sensitivity in the ranges: DV and KB - 200 µV, CB - 150 µV and VHF - 5 µV. Selectivity in the ranges of DV, CB 30 dB. Rated output power 2 watts. The range of reproduced sound frequencies in the AM path is 125 ... 3550 Hz, VHF-FM - 125 ... 10000 Hz. Power consumption 15 watts. The receiver dimensions are 523x127x238 mm. Weight - 5.5 kg. Retail price of 100 rubles. The receiver was produced in 1986 inclusive. Issued about 100 thousand copies. The plant also prepared for release since 1983 the Ural-322 radio receiver, which differed from the one described by the presence of an electronic clock and timer, carrying the loudspeaker to the top panel and, accordingly, its design. In the production of this receiver did not go.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko