Selga 1963
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Portable transistor radio "Selga" since 1963 produced the Riga Radio Plant them. A.S. Popova. The initial design is shown in the first photos, since 1964 the design was already familiar. The receiver was exported to a number of countries, so the inscriptions on the scale and on the back wall were in Russian or English, the version with the name "Convair" is known, see the last three photos. In the USSR, both options were on sale. There were also differences in the design of the scale, where instead of the inscription `` 7 transistor '' was the logo of the plant `` RRR ''. Receivers 2 design options were available in a wide range of colors in various combinations of colors of the case and the back cover. The lid had a white or salad color, and the case could be black, blue, red. In 1967, the radio was produced with a sign "50 years of the Great October Revolution", in 1970 with a sign "V.I. Lenin is 100 years old". The radio '' Selga '' (Selga translated from Latvian - open sea) is intended for radio reception in the ranges of LW and NE. Reception is carried out on an internal magnetic antenna. Real sensitivity in the range of LW 2.0 mV / m, CB 1.2 mV / m. Adjacent channel selectivity 30 dB, specular 26 dB. The rated output power of the amplifier is 100 mW. The radio works from a Kron battery or a 7D-0.1 battery, in which case a network charger is attached to it. Battery life up to 25 hours, battery up to 12 hours. The real sensitivity of the receiver is maintained when the supply voltage is reduced to 6.3 V, and operability is maintained to 5.6 V. There are headphone jacks and an external antenna on the side of the radio. Dimensions of the radio receiver 170x99x40 mm. Weight 480 gr. The radio set always included a case with a handle made of leather or a leather substitute.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko