Meridian RP-348 1988
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Portable radio "Meridian RP-348" from the beginning of 1988 produced the Kiev plant "Radiopribor". The radio receiver is designed for receiving radio stations in the ranges: DV, SV, KV-1 9.5 ... 9.8 MHz; HF-2 11.7 ... 12.1 MHz and in the UHF band. Reception in the KB and VHF bands is conducted on a telescopic antenna, in the Far East, SV on the magnetic. The radio receiver is based on a superheterodyne circuit with a single frequency conversion and a combined AM / FM path in the IF amplifier. The accuracy of tuning in the VHF path is ensured by the AFC system. The IF amplification cascades are covered by an AGC system. The receiver is powered by 4 A-316 elements, and the discharge is controlled by an LED that lights up when the voltage drops to 4 V. There are sockets for external power supply. The main characteristics of the RP: Sensitivity in the ranges: DV 2.0, CB 1.2, KV-1, KV-2 0.5 mV / m, VHF 100 µV. Single-signal selectivity in the adjacent channel, with 9 kHz detuning - 26 dB. The harmonic coefficient in the path: AM - 5%, in the World Cup - 3%. The range of reproducible sound on sound pressure tract: AM - 315 ... 3150 Hz, FM - 315 ... 6300 Hz. Current consumption without signal 30 mA. The maximum output power of an AF of 0.45 W Dimensions of the receiver 210x41x116 mm. Weight without battery - 500 gr. Since 1991, the plant produced the Meridian RP-248 radio receiver, a complete analogue of the previous Meridian RP-348 radio receiver.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko