VEF-12 1967
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From the autumn of 1967 the portable radio receiver of the 2nd class "VEF-12" produced the Riga Electrotechnical Plant "VEF". The radio receiver, like its predecessor VEF-Spidola-10, is assembled on 10 transistors and 2 semiconductor diodes, but the layout and layout of the components and parts are different. To improve the sound quality, instead of the 1GD-1 loudspeaker, the 1GD-4 VEF loudspeaker is installed, a reliable device for fixing the positions of the drum selector switch is used, and the backlight lamps of the scale are installed. A more efficient AGC was applied, a tone control on HF was introduced, in PCA, instead of the transistors P41 (P15), P422 and P423 were used. It is possible to connect a tape recorder. Power is supplied from 6 cells 373. A battery pack is enough for 200 hours of work. Dimensions of RP 280h192h99 mm, weight 2.7 kg. The radio was produced in different designs, including the export with HF subbands from 13 meters.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko