Sonata RP-201 1993
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Stationary radio "Sonata RP-201" since 1993 produced Velikoluksky radio plant. The receiver was created on the basis of the Sonata RP-203 model; it is completely similar to it, but does not have a block of fixed settings. The receiver is designed to receive in the range of VHF-FM (65.8 ... 74.0 MHz). The radio has: a smooth tuning knob, volume, external antenna jack, a network switch. The range of reproduced frequencies is 100 ... 9000 Hz. Rated output power 0.5, maximum 1 watt. Power consumption 10 watts. Dimensions of the model 280x160x100 mm. Weight 1.75 kg. For a time, both models were produced simultaneously.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko