Selena RP-302 1991
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Portable radio receivers "Selena RP-401", "Selena RP-402", "Selena RP-403" from 1988 produced Minsk Horizon. Receivers are designed for reception in the bands DV or SV VHF-FM or FM. Reception in the range of SV and DV is conducted on a magnetic antenna, VHF to a telescopic. The devices are created on 3 chips. They are implemented silently tuning system and frequency control in the range of VHF-FM, there is a power indicator and a miniature phone jack. The models used a compact dynamic head 0.25 GDSH-2. Power - battery Corundum. Sensitivity per DV 2.5 mV / m; SW 1.5 mV / m; VHF (FM and FM) 0.15 mV / m. Frequency range 450 ... 3150 Hz. The maximum output power is 80 mW. Dimensions of any model 150x76x26.5 mm. Weight without battery 240 grams. Radio receivers differ from each other in the ranges: DV VHF-FM (401), SV VHF-FM (402) and SV VHF-FM (403). The rest of the models are the same. Since 1991, the models have been transferred to the 3rd class of complexity and were called as "Selena RP-301", "Selena RP-302", "Selena RP-303".
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko