Artek 1987
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Children's radio toy "Artek" since 1987 produced the Sevastopol instrument-making plant them. Lenin. The Artek is one of the first domestic direct-gain receivers with low-voltage power. It is assembled on 12 silicon transistors and is designed for children of school age to acquire skills in handling radio equipment. The receiver has two scales, the first horizontal one, indicated in UE and KHz for each band, is an simulator, the second one is round, to the right in the window, indicated only in conventional units, is working. The receiver is powered by two elements 316. Loudspeaker 1ГДШ-9. The retail price of the receiver with batteries is 11 rubles. The ranges of received frequencies: DV 150 ... 300 kHz, SV 525 ... 1607 kHz. The sensitivity on the Far East - 6 mV / m, SV - 3 mV / m. Selectivity on DV - 12 dB, CB - 10 dB. Rated output power of 30 mW, maximum 60. The range of reproducible frequencies is 200 ... 5000 Hz. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 76x135x28 mm. Weight with batteries - 320 gr.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko