Nejva RP-208 1996
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The portable radio receiver "Neyva RP-208" presumably since 1996 produced the Kamensk-Uralsky PSZ (PO "October"). Radio "Neiva RP-208" is designed to receive broadcasting stations in the HF (1) and VHF (2) bands to a telescopic antenna. Power is supplied from the battery "Krona" or an external power source through a special socket. The receiver housing is made of high impact polystyrene. Ranges: VHF-1 65.8 ... 74 MHz, VHF-2 87.5 ... 108 MHz, HF 9.5 ... 9.8 MHz. Sensitivity in UKV1 / 2 - 450 µV, KV 100 µV. Rated output power 100 mW, maximum 200 mW. The range of reproducible sound frequencies in the VHF bands 250 ... 5000 Hz. The dimensions of the radio receiver are 165x80x37 mm, its weight is 370 g. The radio was produced by the plant for about 10 years, then a modernized version of the Neiva RP-208-1 was produced, but this is another story.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko