Juvenil-80 1980
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Portable radios "Taino-74" since 1974, "Radiotehnika-625" and "Juvenil-80" since 1980 produced the Riga plant them. A.S.Popova "Radio Engineering". Radio "Taino-74" in its design, electrical circuit and design repeats radio "Orbit-2" and was produced specifically for Cuba. Radio "Radiotehnika-625" has been prepared for release directly in Cuba since 1980. It is also created on the basis of the radio receiver "Orbit-2" and differs only in the design of the case, vernier and scale. The ranges of SV: 525 ... 1605 kHz (571 ... 186 m), HF: 3.95 ... 12.1 MHz (75 ... 25 m). IF - 465 kHz. Receiver sizes - 140x80x 40 mm, weight - 320 g. Radio "Juvenil-80" (from Spanish - youthful) prepared for release in Cuba since 1980 is a simplified version of the radio "Radiotehnika-625" and has only the range SV There is a strap for easy carrying. The dimensions of the receiver 140x80x40 mm, weight 300 g.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko