El'fa-201-3-stereo 1986
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Since 1986, the Elf-201-3-stereo tape recorder has produced the Elf ETZ. '' Elf-201-3 stereo '' is a coil stationary two-speed MP, having AF amplifiers and a control loudspeaker. The device allows recording phonograms with subsequent playback at a tape pulling speed of 9.53 and 19.05 cm / s in mono and stereo mode. MP has analog indicators of the level of recording and playback, tape consumption counter, auto stop after the end or break of the magnetic tape, the ability to record a mono signal on all four tracks, which doubles the recording time. The range of operating frequencies at higher speeds on the LV is 31.5 .... 20,000 Hz, at a lower speed 31.5 ... 14000 Hz. Line output voltage 0.4 ... 0.6 V. The maximum output power of control amplifiers is 2x10 watts.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko