Beto RP-219 1995
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The portable VHF-FM radio receiver "Beto RP-219" since 1995 produced the Ufa switching equipment factory. The receiver receives frequency modulated radio stations in the VHF range of 65.8 ... 74 MHz. Reception is carried out on the fixed frequency settings selected by the handles. Frequency switching is carried out by the corresponding switch button, with an LED indication. In addition to fixed, there is a smooth configuration. Reception is carried out on a pin telescopic or external antenna. Power is supplied from 6 elements of type A-343 or from an alternating current electric network. The sensitivity of the receiver is about 35 uV. The band of reproduced sound frequencies is 125 ... 10000 Hz. Maximum power output 2 watts. The overall dimensions of the radio are 260x160x52 mm. Weight is 1 kg. The radio was produced in several versions of the external design and various differences in the electrical circuit. ,null,ru,null,null,null,null
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko