Televizor 1979
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Since 1979, the souvenir radio "TV" has produced the Kulebaki plant of radio centers. The souvenir was released on the eve of the '' Olympics-80 ''. It is a reduced copy of the TV set on a stand with a direct gain radio receiver on 6 transistors operating in the medium wave range. The receiver is powered by the Krona battery. Receiver sensitivity 25 mV / m. The adjacent channel selectivity is 6 dB. Rated output power 60 mW. The radio has a volume control in the form of a trimmer resistor located on the board with the possibility of preliminary adjustment with a screwdriver. Tuning to the frequency occurs by turning the KPA, the yellow handle of which is displayed on the back cover of the model. There were different design options for the souvenir, mainly screen saver or case colors. In 1990, the souvenir radio circuit was completely transferred to silicon transistors, the output transformer was eliminated, and the range of the voltage added was added.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko