VEF Tranzistor-17 1967
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The portable radio receiver VEF Transistor-17 was developed and experimentally released in 1967 by the Riga State Electrotechnical Plant VEF. In May 1968, the All-Union Chamber of Commerce approved samples of models of portable transistor receivers of the 2nd class '' VEF-12 '' and '' VEF Transistor-17 ''. Both receivers began to be produced in October 1967, but it was an experimental release. As a result of successful tests, the radio "VEF-12" since November 1967 was put on the conveyor and produced in small batches, and since 1968 it has been launched into mass production. Documentation on the receiver "VEF Transistor-17" was transferred to the Minsk Radio Plant where, after a minor modernization, it began to be produced from 1969, but already under the trademark "Ocean". Receiver "VEF Transistor-17" as well as VEF-12 are created in the special design bureau at the radio plant named after him. Popova in Riga. Both of them are brothers of the well-known receivers VEF-Spidola and VEF Spidola-10. In their years, these radios were very popular not only in the USSR, but also far beyond its borders.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko