Vega RP-247-1 1995
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The portable radio "Vega RP-247-1" since 1995 produced Berd AOOT "Vega". The receiver "Vega-247-1" is similar to the network model "Vega RP-247", differing in the absence of an electronic clock and autonomous power. The receiver is designed to receive radio stations from the World Cup in two VHF bands and has: Indication of inclusion in the network. Volume adjustment. Smooth tuning. Fixed settings for 8 radio stations. Indication of the included range and fixed settings. Ranges: VHF-1 65.8 ... 74.0 MHz. VHF-2 95.0 ... 108.0 MHz. Sensitivity limited by noise in the ranges: VHF-1 5 µV, VHF-2 7 µV. The maximum output power when powered from the mains 1 watt. The dimensions of the receiver are 320x122.5x90.5 mm. Weight without batteries 1.5 kg. The receiver was produced in 2 design options.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko