Giala-402 1971
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Portable transistor radio "Giala-402" from 1971 produced the Grozny radio engineering plant. Assembled on 7 transistors and 2 semiconductor diodes. The scheme is similar to the models "Giala" and "Khazar-401". Ranges DV, ST. Sensitivity of 1.5 and 0.8 mV / m. The adjacent channel selectivity is 26 dB, and 30 dB in the specular one. The frequency band reproduced by the loudspeaker is 200 ... 3500 Hz. Rated output power 150, maximum 300 mW. Power supply - 2 batteries KBS-L-0.5. The efficiency is maintained when the power is reduced to 4.5 V. The receiver dimensions are 255x155x65 mm, its mass is 1.5 kg. Price 31 rubles.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko