Kvarc-404M 1979
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Portable radio "Quartz-404" since 1973 produced Kyshtym radio plant. Since 1972, the Kyshtym Radio Factory has begun the mass production of the compact 4-class portable transistor radio '' Quartz-403 ''. In the middle of 1973, it was replaced by the receiver '' Quartz-404 '', and since 1974 the receiver '' Quartz-405 '', with the release of the model '' Quartz-404 '' continued until 1982, and in 1979 in Due to the assignment of Olympic symbols to the receiver, it was upgraded to the receiver "Quartz-404M", in 1980 instead of the letter "M" the receiver was given the name "Quartz-404" Olympic. All models are built on the basis of the radio "Sokol-403" have the same electrical and wiring diagrams and differ in design. They work in the bands DV and ST. Reception is made on the internal magnetic or, if necessary, on the external antenna. The sensitivity of the internal antenna 3.0 mV / m in the range of the Far East and 1.0 mV / m in the CB. The adjacent channel selectivity is 20 dB in the DV range and 16 dB in the CB, the attenuation of the mirror channel is 20 dB. AGC provides a change in the voltage of the signal at the receiver output by 10 dB, when the input voltage changes by 26 dB. The range of manual volume control -40 dB. The operating frequency range is 450 ... 3150 Hz, the average sound pressure is 0.15 N / m2, the nominal output power is 100 mW. Powered by the battery "Krona" or 7D-0,1 battery. The efficiency is maintained when the voltage drops to 5.6 V. The dimensions of the receivers are 170x100x40 mm, their mass is 480 g.
Information from collection of Valery Khartchenko